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I reviewed archive material on Friday June 10, and Monday June 13 through Wednesday June 15 allowed an opportunity for me to continue work with this blog—organizing and summarizing elements of the research through posts, photos, and pages.

Later that week I connected with an important contact we discovered through Hodges Gardens Manager Kim Kelly.  John Byrd (Friends of Hodges Gardens President and Northwestern State University Assistant Professor of Biology) currently teaches at the Natchitoches campus and has been involved with Hodges Gardens since his childhood.  Kim told us his father was also involved in the early development of the Gardens.

Debbie and I had already learned that the Friends of Hodges Gardens were having their monthly board meeting that Friday, June 17.  We hoped to be able to visit, and maybe share a summary of this project with the board members.   Perhaps this would be a good time to connect with Mr. Byrd as well.

Although Byrd said he was available to meet at the NSU campus that week, we wanted to save our initial meeting with him for that Friday if possible—this would hopefully allow us to capture more of the unscripted feel of a first visit.  If Byrd approved, we wanted to capture some of the conversation on video, as well.  I talked to him on the phone early Thursday, and he was more than happy to meet for a Friday interview.  An early departure that morning would allow for some video highlights of the landscape as well.

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